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To make the most of your valuable time we have

compiled a few notes for you to observe on your


When coming ashore you must carry the correct Identification (ID) it must either be your Passport or your ships Identification card.

No photocopies are allowed.

Make sure your Shipping Agent delivers an up to date crew list to security before he leaves the terminal.

Do not call transport unless you are ready to be picked up.

After calling transport you must stay at the Gangway. Port of Felixstowe does not allow any unauthorised personnel on the Port.

You must be visible either at the top or the bottom of the gangway. If you are not there, the driver will continue to the next call.

Transport will pick you up at the bottom of the gangway, be patient they will get to you. 

You must have your Passport or Ships ID ready to pass through Sierra 3 (Security gate).

The driver always returns to the Seafarers Centre unless you notify him you need to stop at the Port Police Station.

The FHPSS seafrers centre, Port Police and Mitie security are not allowed or insured to carry under 16-year-olds. The only option is

to contact your shipping agent before you reach Port of Felixstowe.

Enjoy your time

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