Our New Website

  The aim of our new website is to give you as much information so that you can make the most of your visit to Port of Felixstowe. The site was created by an ex-seafarer for seafarers in house and is an ongoing passion in progress. We would love to know your thoughts and what could be added to the site to make your valuable time even more special.   

  The travel section as all your local bus and train timetables . On the homepage, you can link straight through to the local Palace cinema and the local SPA Pavillion theatre, see what is showing and book your tickets online. There are lots of other links such as local events , where to eat  , what to do on the Visit Felixstowe page  You can check the ETA and ETD of your ship and the local weather. We do not receive any advertising revenue from any company link. The links are there for your ease of use.






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  The Uk`s most 

valuable food

A single 

20-foot container

can hold approximately

48,000 bananas

  and the average container vessel

  can carry 746 million bananas in

  a single voyage.

      ... enough to give everyone in

            Europe & North America

              a banana for breakfast.

Seafarers UK

£2.5 million

to other maritime

charities and projects

every year.

gives grants totalling

Including our charity



As an Island nation

the Uk relies on

shipping for 95%

of its Imports &