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Like most charities, FHPSS relies on donations and the goodwill of the local community for volunteers. We have a team of dedicated volunteer drivers who pick up and return Seafarers to their vessels. They keep up their driving skills to the standards required by the Port of Felixstowe. Promoting our centre is vitally important and we have a team lead by David Offord who alongside   "The Mission to Seafarers" and "AOS" visit ships and welcome the Seafarers to Felixstowe.

 The FHPSS supplies thousands of woolly hats every year, supplied by a dedicated team of knitting ladies that never see the seafarer and the Seafarer never gets to meet the ladies. None the less it is a token bond of love and appreciation enjoyed by the Seafarer and knitting ladies.

 If you would like to volunteer to be a driver, visit ships, work in our shop, knit woolly hats or spend time welcoming seafarers to Felixstowe please ring 01394 673599. If you have any spare time or any other skills that the centre can utilise please call now. Join our dynamic team and have fun whilst providing a much-needed service that will bring happiness and relief to the hard working Seafarer.

We like to encourage youth so if you are

in secondary education and need a little part-time adventure in your summer holidays come and see our work with Seafarers.  A little work experience for a  local charity will be a worthwhile reference on your CV when you eventually look for full-time employment  

                                   and from time to time we do employ staff so watch our site for vacancies. Many of our local community 

and charities donate unwanted items such as jigsaws, board games and books which

help to while away the time at sea as they do not have access to the internet or modern technology. When the Seafarers arrive home they pass these unwanted items on to their families. So please, if you can spare any precious spare time or share any skill even if it's just welcoming the Seafarers to the centre or donate any unwanted items please ring Anita and the team on 01394 673599.

Support for Seafarers

Thank you x

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